As the dogs hopped in for Cricket and Molly Malone's birthday, Henry told Wiggle that the birthday girls were trying to guess the most valuable gift she was giving them.
Molly Malone's seat was the very last one in the bus.  This gave her the chance to peek under all the seats for their present, but she did not find a single thing.

"Is it bigger than a bone box?" asked Molly Malone.

"It is as big as you want it to be," smiled Wiggle.

"Is it big enough for all of us to share?" asked Cricket.

"Sharing it makes it more special," smiled Wiggle even more brightly. 

"Happy Birthday girls!" Wiggle sighed to think how fast they were growing up.

Patrick was still thinking about money. 

"I know!" he thought.  "It is a blank check for any amount they want!"

Wiggle laughed so hard her school bus lights blinked.

"Money is not much use without this," said Wiggle.

"Oh, I get it," said Patrick.  "This is a trick question.  Nothing could be more impawtant than money."

"Are you so sure about that?" asked Wiggle, trying to get Patrick to THINK.