A Gift That Keeps On Giving  

"Is it inside this bus right now?" asked Molly Malone, looking under the seats.

"Yes and No, " said Wiggle.

"How can it be in here and not be in here at the same time" asked Cricket.

"It's inside us," said Wiggle.  "But we have to make it."

"Oh we are going to MAKE our present!" smiled the girls.

"How can we make the most valuable gift in the world?"

"After we make it, we can sell it and we'll be RICH!" piped in Patrick. 

"You cannot sell this," said Wiggle, "it's too valuable."

"PLEASE tell us what our gift is," begged the girls as they batted the birthday balloons out of their way.

"At first, it's a little hard to understand," said Wiggle, "but your gift is Time."

"Time?" the girls repeated in a question.

"That's not that great," said Patrick, "everyone has that."

"Not everyone," said Henry.  "I almost ran out of time before someone saved me."

"And shelter dogs run out of time if they are not adopted too," said HT sadly.

"Back in the day," said Mr. Remington, "when I was a shiny new invention, our motto was To save time is to lengthen a life."

"How can saving time lengthen your life?" asked Scruffy.

"It means that when you can spend less time doing what you have to do, you can spend more time doing what you WANT to do," said Mr. Remington.

"I get it!" said Cricket.  "Today we are getting time to do whatever WE want to do!"

"Yes!" smiled Wiggle.  "Time with the ones you love, doing what you love to do!"

"What is it that we would love to do?" pawndered Molly Malone.

"You tell me," said Wiggle.  "We can do anything you like for your special day!"

The girls whispered to each other.  They thought and thought.

 "I wish there was a way we could share our time with someone who needs it more than us," said Molly Malone, still thinking about the shelter animals who were running out of time.

"Let's ask Wiggle if we can!" agreed Cricket.

"Wiggle, can we SHARE our time with someone who needs it?" asked the girls together.

Wiggle was so proud to hear how the girls wanted to spend their gift.  "You are so grown up to think of others." she smiled.  "Yes of course, you can share your special time." 

Wiggle's diesel engine chortled out the sound of a little bus who suddenly had an impawtant mission.

"Can we still have cake and ice cream?" frowned Patrick.

"Of course!" said Wiggle, "it's in the back.  Why don't you pass some around?"