Patrick and Cricket thanked the firedogs from Dalmatian Station.

"Stop by after your shift if you want some pizza,"  offered Cricket, as they waved good-bye.

"Pizza!" cried Patrick.  "Kramer and Molly must be in there eating it RIGHT NOW.  Let's GO!"

Henry laughed, knowing that Patrick had already wolfed down a whole pizza before the party.


Patrick was absolutely right. While he and Cricket said good-bye to Dalmatian Station, Kramer and Molly were snarfing down the pizza pies.
"Imagine how dedicated those firedogs are," said Molly Malone with admiration.  "They didn't even stay for pizza!"

"More for us," laughed Patrick, gobbling down his pizza in his new crown shaped dish.


"Don't eat too much pizza," warned Cricket. "You won't fit into your tuxedo. You'll be too big for your britches!"

"Tuxedo?" blurted Patrick, with  sudden panic in his voice.

"You DID order your tuxes, right?" asked Cricket.

"Um, er, well..." stuttered Patrick, while Cricket gave him 'the look'.

"Our wedding is in three days!" scolded Cricket.

"We are going to get fitted for them tonight," said Henry quickly.

"Yeah," said Patrick licking his dish clean.  "What he said."

"No wonder Henry's your Best Dog," laughed Cricket.

"Yeah," thought Patrick to himself. "That was a close one,  Henry IS my Best Dog!"