"I can't believe we almost forgot our tuxes!" said Patrick.

"That's what "best dogs" are for," laughed Henry. 
"I wouldn't let you forget!"

"I just can't believe it's really here!" said Patrick, "the big day."

"Come on," said Henry. "Let's get our tuxes, that will make it REALLY seem true".

Henry brought Patrick into the tux rental store and told the tailor exactly what they needed. Patrick wondered how Henry knew all about these things, and was relieved to have him as his "best dog". 

Henry was right about the tuxes too.  Looking at themselves all dressed up made it seem real to Patrick that his wedding was in a few days.

When it was time to leave, Henry made sure he was the one to pay  the bill. "I'll take care of this Patrick," he said, "best wishes, man."

"Thank you so much!" said Patrick, who was in a little shock about the prices of things.  "I think I understand why the girls made all their dresses now.  Did you see the price on some of those gowns over there?"

"Come on," said Henry, "Kramer is meeting us at Doyle's for some root beers and your Batch O'Paws party!

"What is a batch o'paws party?" Asked Patrick.

"You celebrate your last nights of being a bachelor," said Henry. "You eat as much junk food and drink as much root beer as you want, because after you are married your wife is going to make you eat VEGETABLES and have respawnsibilities." 

"Yes, VEGETABLES," laughed Kramer, joining the fun. "Broccoli, and brussel sprouts and asparagus, and fiber too!"

"Why is that?" said Patrick in a sudden panic.

"Because they love you, and want what is best for you," laughed Henry.

The three friends ate ice cream and drank  root beer until they could hardly move, knowing life was about to change.

"For he's a jolly good fellow..." sang Kramer.

"Goin' to the chapel..." sang Patrick O'Malley.

"I think I'm getting sick," said Henry.  "I never ate so much ice cream in my life."

"Hey who is that?" Kramer asked, pointing to flashing blue lights.


"Hey guys!  What's the celebration?" said the Animal Control Officer.  "You three have been howling out here for an hour."

"Sorry Pawficer," said the three friends.  "Patrick is getting married in a few days."

"Congratulations!" said the Pawficer. "Can I give you guys a ride home?"

"That would be great!" said Henry, who was too stuffed to walk from all the ice cream.