All Presents Are Accounted For  

A little girl puppy with big beautiful eyes stepped gingerly into the bus. 

"Are you taking us to our families?"

"Yes," smiled Wiggle.  "They are waiting for you at the end of your long journey."

"My name is Heidi," she added pawlitely.

The sheepies turned around in astonishment to hear the little puppy voice.

"We are on a RESCUE RIDE!" cried Molly Malone.  "This is the PAWFECT way to spend our birthday time!"


"My name is Baby Gracie," said a sweet little black and white puppy, walking in after Heidi.   "We have been traveling all the way from Ohio to find someone who needs us."

Molly Malone and Cricket were overcome with joy to be able to help the little puppies get to their new families.

As they introduced everyone to Heidi and Gracie, another puppy quietly slipped on to the bus and curled up into a little ball.

"What's YOUR name?" they asked.

The puppy didn't answer.  He was too scared to talk.

"His name is Chester," Gracie said.  "But he's still very afraid.  We were almost gonners.  If the families in Boston didn't adopt us, we would have run out of time.  There are so many puppies in the shelter who still need a home."

"The rescue angels at the shelter gave Chester that little blanket so he would not be so scared on our big journey," she added.

"When I left on my rescue journey," remembered Henry, "my angel gave me a bandana.  I still have it.  I'll always remember the way she kissed me goodbye.  I didn't understand it at the time, but it was the beginning of the best part of my life."

Henry was trying to reassure Baby Chester that there would be someone wonderful waiting for him at the end of their long trip. 

"Time really CAN be the most valuable gift," thought Cricket. 

"It can be the most impawtant thing there is," agreed Wiggle.  "All present and accounted for?" she asked, counting to make certain she had nine pawsengers on board.


"All presents are accounted for!" giggled Molly Malone.  "Helping three puppies on our birthday is wonderful!"

"We will never furget it!" laughed Cricket, "Thank you!"

"Next stop, Boston Massachusetts," announced Wiggle.  "Estimated time of arrival, 8 pm."

"Is Boston scary?"  Chester asked quietly.

Molly Malone snuggled close to Chester.  She remembered wondering the same thing once upawn a time.  She couldn't think of another way to tell them they would all be safe and sound now, so she sang a lullaby to help the puppies on the last part of their ride home.

Hush a bye,
don't you cry
go to sleep my little puppies.

When you wake
you shall have
someone waiting to adopt you.

Angel wings
carry you home
where the rescue dust shall lead you

When you wake
you shall have
someone who will never leave you.