"Hello Mr. Wigglebee," said a very nice veterinarian. "Your family can wait here, you can come with me.  What brings you here today?"

"You are my last chance, Doctor." said PJ.  "The other doctors have said I'm not going to live long.  I don't want to die.  Is there anything that can help me in your great big hospital?"

"Stick out your tongue," said the veterinarian.

"Mommy Cricket told me to never stick out my tongue at anyone," objected PJ.

"That's very good advice," said the vet.  "Why don't you stick out your tongue at my stick?"

"Ok," said PJ. 

"Good," said the doctor, "stick it out as far as you can and say ahhhhhhhhh."

"Hmmmm," said the doctor, as she listened to PJ's heart. "We are going to have to run some tests."


The technicians helped PJ to get on a special table to get an ultrasound picture of his heart.

"Am I dying?" said PJ.  "Can you help me, Dr. Last-Chance?"

"What you have is very serious," said the doctor. "We are going to have to run several tests before we know if there is anything that could help you."

"Your heart is very tiny and you have masses in your lungs and that is why you keep getting pneumonia," said the doctor looking at his old medical records.

"Why aren't I like other dogs?" asked PJ. "Why can't I be healthy and live a long time?"

"PJ, remember the puppy mill?" asked the doctor.

"I'll never forget it," sighed PJ, looking far away.  "My mother died there."

"You most likely contracted this disease there.  It is destroying your lungs," said the doctor.


"I have a disease?" asked PJ.  "Can it be cured?" 

"You have bordatella," said the doctor. "It can be treated, but your lungs are damaged.  Those cannot be fixed."

"Does that mean you can't help me?" asked PJ, getting scared.

"We'll do our best," said the doctor.  "But it's serious. The worst part is the entire disease could have been prevented if you had been given a tiny vaccine that only costs a few dollars."

"Why didn't I get that vaccine?" asked PJ. "I am worth a few dollars!"

"Of course you are," said the doctor. "I know that, and you know that, but puppy mills do not care."

"I'm going to stick out my tongue at the puppy mills!" declared PJ.

"That's a very good idea," said the doctor.


"What did the doctor say?" asked Cricket and Patrick when PJ came out.

"She gave me more medication and said she'll call you tonight." said PJ. 

He was very sad and very scared.  "I thought the big hospital could save me, but they are not even sure they can help."

"Wait for us!" said Henry.

"I'm going to tell Wiggle," said PJ.

"Don't worry little fellow," said a big black dog in the parking lot.  "It will be ok.  Never give up hope."