To Love and To Cherish  

Patrick didn't say a word, which suddenly worried Cricket. 

Instead, he went to the register and asked for two tokens.

He gave the money to the cashier and handed one token to Cricket.

Patrick dropped his token into the machine, and followed the instructions on the screen. 

After he carefully pressed several buttons the machine busily  engraved Patrick's important message. 

The buzzing was so loud, and they were so fascinated by the machine, that they did not hear the thunder and rain outside.

Click to hear the machine.

Cricket watched in amazement as her wedding tag appeared before her eyes, pawsonalized by the dog she loved most in the world.

A bright red heart popped up on the screen. 


"I will love you and cherish you my whole life," Patrick told her solemnly. 

Cricket gave Patrick a giant kiss right in front of everyone.