The Rescuers Need To Be Rescued Snuggling Up  

Cricket took the seat cover off the back of her chair and wrapped it lovingly around Patrick O'Malley.  "I'll keep you warm," she smiled.

"That's a really good idea Cricky," said Patrick.  "Everyone take the seat covers off and get wrapped up.  It might be a long time before we are rescued."

Patrick took his seat cover off and wrapped Cricket up too.

"Good idea," everyone agreed. 

"Is Wiggle going to be all right?" asked Molly.  She was getting more worried by the hour.

"Aw sure," said Patrick.  "She's been through this a million times. She's no spring chicken you know."

Patrick liked being the oldest sheepie when Henry was gone.  He felt pawtective of the girls.

Molly wrapped the seat cover around her tightly.  She felt scared when Wiggle was sick.

Henry returned to a bus full of cold huddled dogs waiting as patiently as they could.

It took several hours for the tow truck to arrive to help Wiggle, because so many vehicles were having trouble in the cold. 

The mechanic flashed his light on Wiggle's battery.  He had been through this many times tonight, and he knew exactly what to do.

"Did you know this battery is the original?" he asked Henry.  "You really ought to get her a new one, you know.  It's amazing that she can start at all."

The furry friends looked at each other as they felt a pang of guilt.  Poor old Wiggle had been running on old batteries all this time.  They whispered among themselves that they would get her a new one as soon as they could afford it.

The sound of her hood banging down woke Wiggle up with a start.

"Oh my," said Wiggle, "did I fall asleep? Did all the puppies leave?"

Molly Malone told Wiggle everything that happened.

"Oh dear," sighed Wiggle.  "I'm afraid that I have ruined your birthday."

"Not at all," said Molly and Cricket at once.

"We got the most valuable gift of all, and we are so glad to have you back!"

As Wiggle's diesel engine purred, her heat and lights came back on, and her pawsengers snuggled in for a warm, toasty ride home.