Sixteen Balloons  



z Everyone had been sleeping when Molly Malone heard a car pull up.  She poked her sister to wake her up.

"Cricks, did you hear what I just heard?" she whispered.

Cricket jumped up right away.  "Let's go see!" she giggled.

They ran outside to see if their surprise was here.

"Look!" laughed Molly Malone.

"They're here!" Cricket exclaimed, "and listen! It sounds like Wiggle never woke up!"

"She's going to be so surprised in the morning," added Molly.

"The balloons are gorgeous!" said Cricket.

The sisters admired how peaceful Wiggle looked in her sleep. 

"She deserves her rest," they agreed.  "She does so much for everyone else."

"Imagine what is was like in the olden days when they first got her." said Molly.

"She has helped so many doggies," agreed Cricket.

"Especially us!" laughed Molly.

"Remember the first night we met her?" thought Cricket outloud.

"All that rescue dust..."

"Did someone say "rescue dust" laughed Molly Malone as a gust of wind blew  a fine snow mist through the air.

"That's not rescue dust," said Cricket.  "That's birthday dust!"

"Make a wish, Sweet Wiggle!" whispered Molly Malone.

"I bet we know what you're wishing for," laughed Cricket.

"And the sixteen balloons are just icing on the cake!" laughed Molly.

The girls tippy-pawed back into the house quietly so they would not spoil Wiggle's surprise.  They went straight back to bed with a very happy feeling that Wiggle was going to have a wonderful day.