"Thanks for all your support Kramer," said Patrick O'Malley.  "I can see why Cricket asked you to give her away at our wedding.  You're the best."

Kramer smiled.  "I can see why I'm giving her away to YOU," he said reassuringly.

"Can I buy you a soft drink at my soda fountain?" said Patrick.

"That sounds great," said Kramer, "we can take my truck."

Kramer slurped down two ice cold drinks while he and Patrick talked.  "It's cold in here," he laughed, as he put his jacket on.

"So Patrick, why are you so worried about marrying Cricket?"

Patrick told the Colonel all about the first argument that he and Cricket had.

"Cricket wants to get married in front of a stained glass window.  I want to get married outside. One of us is going to lose."

"Being married isn't about winning or losing," said the Colonel.

Patrick thought back to the tic tac toe game carved on Wiggle's wall.  "When you really love someone, you want the other pawson to win as much as you," Wiggle had said.

"But some pawblems are just too big to fix," complained Patrick. "We can't both have what we want, and what if this keeps happening?"

The Colonel listened carefully to Patrick. 

"Sinkables and dirigibles!" said the Colonel.  "What you need are pawblem solving skills.  As long as you have those, you can solve a million pawblems.  But if you don't have any at all, a single pawblem will sink your ship."

"Where do I buy skills?" asked Patrick.  They sounded like a good investment to him.


"You can't buy skills," the Colonel told Patrick.  "You build skills by practicing, practicing, practicing.  They are free and anyone can build them."

"Free!" thought Patrick.  This was sounding better all the time.

"You have to keep believing there is a way," said the Colonel, "and work as hard as you can, and never ever give up."

"If you stop trying, you'll go to the chop shop," laughed Patrick, remembering old Duct Tape.

Kramer didn't answer.  He was getting an idea...