Shower The Paws  

While Molly and Cricket took showers after their work-out, HT and Scruffy began to sneak in the guests who had been waiting for her secret call.

Henry took Patrick out to pick up pizzas so he wouldn't suspect a thing.  Henry knew they would "taste test them" before coming home and that would take awhile.

Colonel Kramer was the first to arrive, with a giant heavy bag.  "Careful," said the Colonel, "it's VERY fragile". 

Mattie and Chloe arrived next. The room filled quickly with presents and friends from near and far.
"Who brought the vacuum cleaner?" asked Chloe.

"I did," said Furlock, "they will probably be able to use it with all the fur around here!"

"What did you bring?" he asked.

"We brought the King and Queen Dog bowls, so they can be King and Queen of their castle!" said Mattie.

Kramer laughed, "Kings and Queens don't vacuum," he laughed. 

"Shhhh, it's almost time.  Everyone be quiet!" said HT.  "Are you ready to call them in Henry?"

Henry cleared his throat.

"Patrick, Cricket, can you come help me set up the pizza?"

The others giggled knowing their surprise was going to work.

"SURPRISE!" yelled everyone.

It took a second for Cricket to figure out what they had been up to, but every bride is usually on the lookout for their "surprise" shower. Still, she had to admit, Molly Malone surprised her.

Patrick, on the other paw, was in total disbelief. He didn't pay much attention to the details of weddings and things, and now he found himself surrounded by his favorite friends and tons of valuable, unexpected gifts.