When they got home, no one could really sleep. The thought of Wiggle breaking down was on all of their minds.   They decided to hold a meeting to figure out the best way to help her.

HT brought out her accounting books.  She always kept track of the expenses for the Wigglebus.  She also kept track of the payments to the Mother Upright for the loan that Henry and Guinness borrowed when they bought Wiggle from the auction.

Since Patrick loved money, and since he was the only one with a real job, he kept track of their bank account.  HT handled the real money though, because Patrick's paws were too big to hold it right.

"I think a new battery for Wiggle is a pawrioty," said Patrick.  "We also have the wedding coming up, and our payment to Mother Upright will be due at the end of the month."

"That will pretty much break the bank," said HT.

"Whatever it takes," said Patrick.  "Wiggle is a member of the family.  Her health is impawtant.  Maybe I can work some overtime to cover all the bills."

"If we have to postpawn the wedding, that's ok." said Cricket. "Wiggle does everything for us.  We need to help her now. Nothing feels right when she is not well."
"That's very generous of you Cricket," said Henry.  "But I don't think it will be necessary.  Let's take Wiggle to see Bill Furless as soon as we can afford it.  He'll know what to do."