The manager told Henry that he could use the phone on the second floor.

As Henry left a message for Furlock, he could not help but notice that the two busses outside were becoming fast friends. 

Henry made a second call, this one was to HT.

"Sorry to interrupt your nap, HT," said Henry, "But something has come up."

HT listened carefully, trying to think of a way to help with Henry's idea. 

"There definitely is not enough money to cover it.  Our loan payment is due to Mother Upright this week," HT reminded him.

"Can busses have rescue dust?" wondered Henry. 

"If only..." he thought as he went back outside and hopped in to the Wigglebus.


"Ready to pick everyone up?" asked Henry.

"Ready," said Wiggle, who was sad to leave Duct Tape behind.

"I'll stop by again and see you if I can," she said to him.

Duct Tape was surprised to hear Wiggle say that. 

"I'll look forward to that,"  Duct Tape called back.

The big busses next to him snickered.  That's the only direction you CAN go in, remember?  No backing up for you!  You have no reverse!"

"Ha ha ha," said another..."you'll be going FORWARD all right.  Straight to the chop shop!"

"Can you believe his friend?" said another mean bus.  "I wouldn't be caught dead without my hubcaps on.  Doesn't she know how ridiculous she looks?"  The other busses all laughed.

Wiggle started her diesel engine, but not in time to drown out the snortle chortle of the nasty busses. 

Even though she tried to ignore what she just heard, she now felt very self-conscious driving around without hubcaps.

Henry hadn't paid much attention to the big busses taunting Wiggle and Duct Tape.  He was deep in thought when suddenly he saw a familiar car drive by.

"Isn't that the Mother Upright's car?" he pointed out to Wiggle, "and it's being towed away!"

"Oh dear," said Wiggle, "You are right.  Something must have happened."

"You might need to help the Uprights if they have no car," Henry said to Wiggle.

Wiggle was happy to help her whole family if they needed her, but deep down inside she knew she would probably never see Duct Tape again.