While the girls were sewing the wedding clothes, while Wiggle was driving the uprights around, Henry was making a mad dash to rescue Duct Tape. 

He knew from experience that it would take much more than one hundred dollars to keep Duct Tape useful, but first things first.  One hundred dollars would keep him from the Chop Shop. 

Henry ran as fast as he could.  The sound of his paws in the snow made a crunching noise, and the snow got caught in little balls of ice on his feet, but he ran with all his might to the bus yard with one hundred dollars.

Henry took a deep breath as he approached the gossipy  bus yard.  "These busses were so mean to Wiggle," he thought.  "They were even worse to Duct Tape."

But when he got to the bus yard, he spun around twice. He did not see Duct Tape anywhere.

"Do any of you know where Duct Tape has gone?" asked Henry in a panic.

This time the busses were not laughing at all.

"He's... um...er...gone..." said one bus.

"You mean?" asked Henry, "when?"

"Just this morning," said another bus quietly.

"There are some things that money just can't buy," thought Henry.  "Like time.  I guess Duct Tape ran out of time.  I was so close to getting him!"

"Why do you need another bus?" they asked.

Henry told them about Wiggle, and all the little doggies they helped to rescue.  He told them that Duct Tape was the first bus friend she had made since she became a dog bus.

"She has been such a true friend to me," said Henry.  "I feel like I have let her down.  Do you know where the chop shop is?" asked Henry. 

"It's too late," said the square looking bus.  "He's gone."

"You were so mean to Duct Tape, I thought you would be happy to see him go."

"We were only teasing him," said the big busses.  "But now we know how he felt."

"How do you know that?" asked Henry.

"They are replacing us with those new busses over there.  All they do all day is snicker and sneer and talk about how great they are, while we wait to be put out to auction."

"I'm really sorry," said Henry. 

The brand new busses were sneering, and chortling, just like the other busses had done to Duct Tape.

"Don't worry little fella," said the new busses.  "There is no need for those old hags any more.  We are here.  We are bigger, faster and much better in every way!"

"New is always better," said another new bus.  "Throw out the old, IN with the new!"

"Yeah," said another new bus.  "Everyone over there is headed for the auction, and GOOD RIDDANCE!"

"Who needs those old pieces of tin?"

"Poor Duct Tape," thought Henry.  "I wish I had got here sooner.  These busses just don't get it."