Get Me To The Church On Time  

If the girls were getting dressed way too early in their excitement, Patrick O'Malley made up for it by sleeping straight through his alarm clock.

In fact, the groom was in a deep sleep, dreaming of the root beer floats at the batch o' paws party.

He was in such a deep sleep that he did not even hear his alarm clock ring.

Henry, on the other paw, woke right up.  He watched Patrick snore peacefully,  seemingly unaware that he was about to be married.
Henry's memory flashed back to the day little Patrick came to live with him.  He remembered him on that very couch, just a tiny puppy. 

Soon, thought Henry, Patrick and Cricket will be having puppies of their very own.

Henry sighed.  He was thinking of Guinness and wished she was with him to see this special day.

There will be no special day, thought Henry, if I don't get the groom out of bed.

"Patrick!  Patrick!" called Henry.  "Time to get married!  The guests are already starting to arrive!"