Here Comes The Bride  

Cricket took a deep breath.  Everything was so beautiful. 

She saw Patrick and the others waiting for her by the Gumdrop Tree in front of their beautiful stained glass window.

She was so excited she could feel her heart flutter, and it seemed like her knees had turned to jello. 

A familiar voice brought her back.

"It's time," said Kramer gently.  "May I escort you down the aisle?"


"You look beautiful Cricket," Kramer whispered softly.  "Congratulations!"

With his reassuring demeanor and his commanding presence, Kramer slowly and proudly walked Miss Cricket down the aisle.


Cricket saw Patrick all dressed in his tuxedo, and smiled to see how handsome he looked.

Patrick grinned with happiness to see his beautiful bride while he remembered the moment that Cricket agreed to marry him.

There was barely a sound over the wedding music, but the normal sniffles of friends overcome with emotion at special times like this.  Even Wiggle felt her headlights fog up to see her little puppies so grown up.

Colonel Kramer dutifully brought Miss Cricket to her soon to be husband and gave her a little kiss. "Good luck to both of you," he smiled.

Cricket felt a grateful tear slide down her face.  "Thank you Kramer" she whispered.

"I love you!" whispered Patrick.

"I love you too!" smiled Cricket.