Book 4 Table Of Contents April Showers  


"Look Crickleberrry, our own HIS and HER blankets!" said Patrick in amazement.

"And little towels with paw prints!" exclaimed Cricket.

"You guys really got us good!" laughed Patrick.

"Were you suprised?" asked Chloe.

"Were we ever!" said Cricket, while Patrick nodded in agreement.

Molly grinned from ear to floppy ear.  She was filled with happiness that she had surprised her sister and soon to be brother-in-paw.

"Almost all of our friends were able to make it," said Molly.  "Handsome Hank called, but he could not be here.  Harriet went to heaven the other day. She finally got her wings.  Hank was staying with Rik to help him.  Harriet got her wish to see them together before she had to go."

"I saw that rainbow the other day, when Cricky and I got our wedding tags! Wow! Harriet finally got her wings!  We wondered if it was someone we knew.  It's extra lucky to see a rainbow when you are getting your wedding tags," pronounced Patrick with pawthority.

"Let us see your tags!" said Furlock.

"Nope, no way, no how," said Patrick.  "It's bad luck to see them before the wedding."

"Look! These are from Chloe and Mattie," said Cricket.  "King and Queen Dog Dishes! Thank you so much!"

"The Royal Majesty Patrick O'Malley requests the honor of your presence at the Royal Wedding!" laughed Patrick, showing off his new dish. Then, remembering his mannerisms he added, "And thank you for the Royal Stuff for me and my Queen!"

"Ha, ha!" said Cricket handing him Furlock's present. "The King may vacuum the royal kingdom!" 

"Oh thanks a lot buddy," Patrick laughed to Furlock.


"We got you a Sheepie Tea set!" said the terriers. Everyone admired the hand painted set.

"You are so lucky Cricket," said Molly Malone. "Look at all this great stuff!"

"Fit for a Queen," laughed Cricket.

"Don't forget the King!" chimed Patrick