Youngest To Oldest  

Hank shared his Chanukah light each night.  

From the youngest to the oldest, the furry friends took turns lighting the menorah.

"Who should light it on night two?" everyone wondered, since Molly Malone and Cricket were twins.

No one was certain which twin was older.  Even they didn't know.

"You can have this turn Molly," said Cricket sweetly, but she could hardly wait until it was her turn.

With Mr. Remington's help, Hank's rescue family celebrated Chanukah each night at sundown.

The third night of Chanukah, Cricket had her turn at last.

"It is so beautiful," she said.

Carefully following the instructions of the older dogs, she lit three candles.

They played Chanukah games and sang songs, while they learned about the traditions of the holiday.

Patrick could hardly wait for his turn to light the menorah on the fourth night.  He loved having a turn, and he loved being older than Hank and Cricket and Molly Malone.
Henry was not really certain what his age was because no one had kept track of his birthdays when he was lost and alone. 

He knew that he was older than Patrick, but he was not nearly as old as Scruffy.  He guessed himself to be around 5 years old, and so he lit the menorah on the fifth night.

As Henry lit five candles on the menorah, he thought about Hank and hoped that he would find his mission in life.

Scruffy had just turned 10 years old.  She was the second to the oldest, and she needed to lean in very close to reach the menorah on the sixth night of chanukah.
The seventh night HT lit the candles.

HT was very old.  She had trouble seeing, and she had trouble hearing, but she understood exactly what to do.

HT was proud to be the oldest.

As she lit seven candles on the menorah, the others realized that there was still one more night left, and each of them had already had a turn.

They wondered who would light the menorah for the last night of Chanukah.

Before anyone could ask, the phone rang. Henry heard soft voices, and then he heard the Mother Upright sigh.

Patrick was certain that he heard her sniffle.

"Wiggle was right," thought Henry, "there is rescue dust in the air tonight."