Wiggle's GIft  

Henry followed Furlock's instructions, and was quite pleased to see the nose print show up. He carefully covered it with adhesive just like his detective friend recommended.  "Now I will never have to worry that someone will accidentally smudge this", Henry sighed with relief.  To Henry it was like Guinney's signature and he loved having it pawserved on the WiggleBus.  Henry was still having a hard time going on adventures without her.
"Wiggle, these gifts are amazing!" said Henry.  "What made you think of doing this?"

"I'm just a retired school bus but I've finally learned some things about life," said Wiggle gently.
"Life is an adventure. Fasten your seat belt and keep your eyes on the road."

Henry was trying to understand what Wiggle really was talking about.

"Just like Guinness," said Wiggle.  "Put your snout into the wind.  Enjoy  where you are going and always enjoy getting there." 

"It is so hard to go into the future without my friend," he said. 

Wiggle smiled at Henry.  "It is impawsible for any of us to go into the future without her," said Wiggle. 
"She  has become a part of us now. Whenever you miss her, all you have to do is REMEMBER..."

"I miss her right now," Henry said, looking at her picture. 

"Remember with your heart," Wiggle told him as she drove around so Henry could listen to the chimes.
He closed his eyes to remember with all his might.  But remembering was hard work, and at the beginning of doing it, you cry a lot, he thought.  He couldn't tell  exactly which moment it was that he fell fast asleep.