While little Scruffy McDuff was at the doggie doctor in  Connecticut, Wigglebus was getting repaired by the "Bus Doctor" 120 miles away.

Michael kept his promise to the sheepies, and every chance he got, he came to work on Wigglebus. 

When Michael connected her batteries up to test his repairs, Wiggle woke up and was certain she saw an angel.

"Where am I?" asked Wiggle.  "Is this heaven?" 

Michael smiled a reassuring smile.  "I have put in new Glow Plugs for you, and now you are getting a new power steering pump, Wiggle. You are going to have more Rescue Dust Power than ever. 


"Your truck looks like an angel to me," smiled Wiggle.  "It sure is a sight for sore eyes."

"Everything we need to fix you is in my truck," said Michael. "Do you remember me? I am the mobile mechanic." 

Wiggle smiled, remembering what was going on. "You are both angels," she laughed.  "Am I ready for a sticker?" 

"Soon," said Michael.  "We have to fix your rust next."

"I'm afraid I  haven't been much use to anyone," Wiggle told Michael.

"You are very loved by Henry and the others," Michael reassured her. 

"They miss you very much. And you have a good strong engine. That is the heart of a bus. They will be so excited to hear you are almost finished."

Michael, the Mobile Mechanic, (Bus Doctor, as Henry liked to call him), worked all day fixing Wigglebus.  He knew that she had important work to do.

The sheepies watched out the window, being careful to stay out of Michael's way.

"We'll take out the bad parts, and put in new parts!" he told her.
"That is the same way we will fix your rust."

"Did Patrick and Cricket get their new puppy yet?" Wiggle asked.

"I haven't seen any new puppies," Michael told her.

"Maybe I'm not too late," she thought. "Can you fix my rust tomorrow?"

"I don't see why not," said Michael. "As long as it's not raining.  You just relax, and I'll take care of the rest!"