Henry let Wiggle know that Patrick and Cricket needed her help.

"Sounds like it's time that we all go for a ride," said Wiggle. 

"You know you can always come to me for help," she reassured him.

Henry whistled for the others to come.


Patrick hopped in first. "Wiggle, we need to talk with you about something impawtant."

"So I have heard," smiled Wiggle.

"Who told you?" asked Cricket.  "Do you already know?"

"Not yet," said Wiggle, "but I can hardly wait to find out.  Hop aboard!"

"I already know what it is," said Molly, wiggling with excitement. 
"Time to let Wiggle know," said Henry.

Wiggle did not even have a chance to start her engine before Patrick and Cricket blurted out their news, "We are ready to adopt a puppy," they said together.

"That is wonderful news!" said Wiggle. "It sure has been quiet around here since the terriers crossed the bridge.  Do you have a puppy picked out?" 



"That's where we need your help," said Patrick. "We want someone very special."

"ALL puppies are special," smiled Wiggle.

"But we want to adopt the BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD!" said Cricket, "oh where oh, where can he be?"