"Those puppies are almost out of time too," said Mrs. Spider looking at them.  Mr. Bumble could not hold back his tears.

"Do you mind if I have those?" asked Mrs. Spider.

"Have what?" asked the bee.

"Your tears of course," said Mrs. Spider.

"Why do you want my tears?" asked the bee.

"I am saving them in my web," replied Mrs. Spider, who was always busy working.

"I thought you used your web to catch food?" asked Mr. Bumble.

Mrs. Spider laughed.  "There is plenty of food here for me," she said. 

"There is always a feast of fleas and flies. My web is a different kind of web." 

"I am weaving my part of the rescue web," said Mrs. Spider.

The bumblebee smiled a kind smile. 
"I know you mean well, Miss, but your web is far too small and fragile to rescue anything."

"You would be surprised," replied Mrs. Spider. 

"The smallest act of love and caring becomes part of the rescue web.  Every caring creature who meets another caring creature connects to this web. 

What are you trying to catch in your web? asked the bee.

"Rescue Dust," smiled the spider.  "You will always see its magic when you love and care for someone beyond yourself.  The world is full of Rescue Dust.  Listen with your heart."

"What IS rescue dust exactly?" Mr. Bumble asked. 

"The essence of Rescue Dust is tears, happy tears and sad tears transformed to joy by those who have truly loved. It's magic goes on forever in hearts that understand. Rescue Dust can work miracles," she said.

"Whose tears are in your web?" Mr. Bumble asked. 

"I have your tears now," smiled the spider. "And mine, and even the little puppies' over there.  I also have their mothers' tears." 

"And everyone who hears their story," she continued, "will add to the rescue web.  You are not the first bumblebee who has slipped through that lock. Many others have been helped by bees just like you!"

"Even smaller than you are, Mr. Bumble.  Rescue Dust can seep in anywhere."

"How will the Rescue Web help those two puppies?" asked Bumble.

"So many questions!" said Mrs. Spider. 

"We don't have much time.  You must go tell Mrs. Robin what you have learned.  She will tell the other birds.  You will tell the other bees.  The more caring creatures we can find, the more good we can do.  No one's love or caring is too small.  The Rescue Web needs every connection."

"Thank you!" said the bumblebee, suddenly filled with hope. "Wish me luck!"

Mrs. Robin had been waiting nervously for Bumble to return.

"Yes!" The bee buzzed the tale as quickly as he could.  "I do believe you have found  the best puppy in the world.  There are two of them dying right now and they need your help."

"Patrick and Cricket had a feeling... but they are so far away," said Mrs. Robin.  "We are going to have to rely on that web you mentioned.  Where do I start?"

"Follow the rescue dust," buzzed the bee with certainty.


Mrs. Spider watched the magic of rescue dust work outside her tiny window. 

"Oh what a Rescue Web we weave, when first we practice to believe." she smiled.