Up On The Roof Top  

The little train pulled up to Santa's chair.

Scruffy started to growl.

HT barked and barked.

"That is NOT Santa!" said Patrick.

"They are fakes!" said Cricket.

"I can see right through those costumes!" said Molly.

"Those are just helpers," said Henry.

"It says Santa will "Be Back Soon."

"Soon, like TOMORROW!" said the ugly green grinchy thing.

Scruffy growled some more.

Everyone knew that Santa was not green. 
He did not look a THING like Santa.

"I'm sorry," said the conductor, "Santa must have left for the evening.  Let's see if your tree is ready!"

The train tooted it's whistle and drove up to where their tree was being trimmed and bagged.

"Last Stop,  The WiggleBus!" hollered the conductor.

"Toot! Toot!" agreed the little train.

Everyone thanked the conductor and ran  to tell Wiggle about their ride.

"There is an upright on the roof!" Gasped Molly Malone.

"And he's got our Christmas Tree!" said Cricket.

"How did he get up there?" asked Patrick, who was pretty impressed.

"He's helping us to get your tree home," said Wiggle.  "You picked out a pretty big one!"

The dogs were proud of the tree they picked out.

"Yeah, we got the best one!" boasted Patrick.
 "It took a long time to find it."


"We wondered how you would bring it home," admitted Molly Malone.

"Where else?" asked Wiggle. 

"Up on the rooftop!" she smiled.