Building Bridges  

Henry kept his promise to make a garden for Guinness in the following weeks.

With Patrick's "help" he built a little bridge in the garden, to remind them all that Guinness was just on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge", which leads to a Pet Heaven where pet's play happily until everyone is united again.

When Henry was finished, he asked Wiggle to take him back to the tree store, because he decided that the little Gum-Drop tree needed some company in the garden.

There were so many beautiful things to choose for Guinney's garden.  "This place is cool,"  thought Henry.  "You can even buy bags of cow poop.  I'll take a few of those 'cause Guinness would LOVE that," he thought.

The Upright Manager told Henry that the manure was for planting bushes.  Henry thought uprights were silly to put something that smelled that good into the ground.
"No accounting for some people's taste," he muttered.

Henry picked out big white fluffy flowering things that would be in bloom on Guinness's anniversary next year.

And the bags of poop, of course.

Back in the parking lot, Henry was deep in thought planning the special garden for Guinness when all of a sudden he was jolted by the sound of someone calling "It's the WiggleBus! Hi Upright Family! Hi Henry!"

Henry looked around to see who knew his name. "How can this be, I have never met this person, and he knows who I am?" wondered Henry. 

A Boy Upright came toward him and they introduced themselves.

"I'm Henry" they both said simultaneously.

Henry had never met someone with his same name. He thought that this boy was a very smart boy to know about the Wigglebus. 


"Am I famous?" he asked the Boy Henry.

"Why yes you are!" said the very smart boy. 

"Well, if your name is Henry too, we can be famous together!" said the furry Henry.

"I just hope he doesn't grow up to be the kind of Upright that buries pawfectly good bags of poop," thought Henry, still shaking his head at the foolish things Uprights do.

Henry realized that it was the first time he had smiled in days. "Guinness would have loved to know we are famous," thought Henry.

Patrick sniffed the boy trying to figure out why an Upright could have a dog's name.  "You won't ever find an Upright named Patrick O'Malley," he thought, secretly wishing he had an upright named after him too.

The Boy Henry gave Wiggle a giant hug.  She could not believe her good fortune.  She had missed children so very much, but never before had a child actually hugged her!  She'd even heard them groan sometimes when she was a "School" Bus.  Now that she was a "Wiggle" bus, she was getting her very first hug from a child!  "I wish Guinness could see this," she thought.

Henry and Patrick finished their shopping and said goodbye to the "other" Henry. 

They loaded up Wiggle once again, and headed home to work in the garden.