Little Scruffy McDuff was very sad. He could not stop thinking about what  Sydney's vet said the day before. 

The vet had listened carefully to his tiny heart, looked at the x-rays of his lungs and said, "The Angel will take this dog in two days."

Two days left to live?  How can that be?  "I'm sorry momma.  I tried to keep my pawmise,  I wanted to tell the world about the puppy mills.  They said I have two days, and one has gone by."


"What is wrong my glum little man?" Sue asked him, lifting him up high so they could talk.

"I don't want to die tomorrow," cried Scruffy.

"What makes you think you will die tomorrow?" asked Sue.

"The vet said the Angel will take me in two days," sniffed Scruffy.  "I'm really sorry that I can't stay here."

Sue could not help but smile when she heard what poor Scruffy was thinking.

"Not angels in heaven," said Sue.  "Angell Hospital.  A specialist is going to see you there tomorrow.  This is your big break little fella.  If they can help you, I want you to stay in Boston where you will be close to them."

"Love and let go?" asked Scruffy, remembering what Michelle told him.

"Follow the Rescue Dust," smiled Sue. 

"I'm not gonna die tomorrow?" asked Scruffy.

"Not that I know of," replied Sue, "but you are going on a very special journey.  There are some new friends coming to get you today.  They are so excited to meet you."

"Do I know them? Is it Connie and Michelle, and Judy?" asked Scruffy.

"No," said Sue.  "It is Wigglebus and Henry, and Patrick and Cricket and Molly Malone."

"I am going on a bus?" said Scruffy.  "Where?"

They will take you to Boston, and you will stay with your new family until you know what the specialist says.

"Will they read me stories?" asked Scruffy.

"Maybe if you ask them pawlitely," said Sue.

"I'm really going to miss you, and Mark and Sydney," said Scruffy.

"Be brave little man," said Sue. "We all want what is best for you."

"What is that noise?" Scruffy asked, sniffing the air.

"Your chariot is here sweet prince," smiled Sue.  "The Wigglebus is here to help you to follow the rescue dust."