A Strawberry Chocolate Kiss  

Patrick was so impressed with his new job that he never imagined that everyone at home might be worried about him.

Well not everyone.  Cricket was worried.

Well, sort of worried.  She decided to go looking for him, but first she put on her prettiest red sweater and headed for the drug store. 

"I'll bet he's in there eating ice cream and talking to everyone," thought Cricket.

When she got to the drug store, she looked up at the counter to see if Patrick was schmoozing with his friends. 


Then Cricket saw him. 

He wasn't 'schmoozing', he was SNOOZING!   Patrick had been very busy making delicious ice cream sodas and fancy ice cream sundaes.

He had mixed all sorts of crazy flavors for the kids all day, and when they were really polite, he added extra cherries to the top of their desserts. 

He had just rested his head on the counter for a second, daydreaming about the look on Cricket's face when he told her about hs new job, when suddenly, it was as if he heard her voice.

"Patrick!" cried Cricket in amazement. "You're a JERK!"

Patrick quickly opened his eyes. 


He DID hear her voice!

Patrick's heart was beating fast!  He was so pleased that Cricket came to look for him!

"Sit down right here and close your eyes," Patrick said to her. 
Cricket sat in a booth by a little juke box. 
Patrick put a nickel in and played an old fashioned love song. 
"Are your eyes still closed?" he asked.  "I'm going to give you a BIG KISS!"

Cricket waited for a kiss from her Soda Jerk, but instead she heard something being put on the table in front of her.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now," said Patrick smiling.

Patrick had made a giant ice cream soda with a fancy heart straw for two with little cupid angels sitting on the top.

"Wow!" said Cricket.  "You really ARE a soda jerk! Congratulations on your new job!"

Patrick beamed with happiness.

"I didn't know if you would still love me if I was a jerk!" laughed Patrick.

"Whatever you are, be the best!" said Cricket.

"Ok," Patrick smiled.  "I will be the best jerk in the world!"

As they sipped on the soda together  their little black noses were almost touching.

"So where is my kiss?" asked Cricket.

"You're drinking it!" Patrick said with a wink. 

"A Chocolate Strawberry Kiss!  The flavor of the month!"