Hobo knew his way across the country, up and down, back and forth.

"We need to find someone who can travel 1400 miles, and fast!" 

Hobo thought hard about every dog he knew.  "Sydney!" exclaimed Hobo suddenly.

"Sydney Australia?" asked the Spider with surprise.

"No," laughed Hobo.  "Sydney in Connecticut. She can get her uprights to do anything she wants!"

"Can they make a storm of Rescue Dust?" smiled the spider.

Little did they know that a giant storm of Rescue Dust was already brewing. In fact, the only one who knew about it was Kramer. 

Pawmoted to Brigadier General, Kramer was stationed at PAWRAD, the Command Center of the Paw Force. 

At PAWRAD he and his staff could monitor all unusual activity in the earth's electrical and magnetic force fields. 

A report flashed across the screen of highly unusual activity in the midwest. 

"Looks like they're at it again," smiled Kramer. 

"Rescue Dust Storm Watch from Missouri to New England.  That can only mean one thing," he deduced. "Patrick and Cricket are trying to find their puppy!"

The World Wide Rescue Web carried Hobo's message to Sydney, who lived with her uprights, Mark and Sue.

Sydney was known far and wide for her  amazing ability to train uprights to rescue animals in need.  Because Sydney was deaf, she had learned other skills most dogs don't have.  She could read rescue dust faster than anyone.   She could read what her uprights wrote on the laptop. Above all, she could get them to do rescue rides whenever she wanted them to, well almost always.

Sydney opened the rescue site with the little dying puppy and showed the picture to her upright.  "WOOF!  WOOF!"  she said, to get Mark's attention.

"Oh that is so sad," said Mark, reading the page. "The poor puppy."

Sydney whimpered.  Mark typed a message so Sydney could understand:

"I'm sure he is not well enough to come all the way here," said Mark.  "That puppy will die any day now."

Sydney barked.  Then she barked again.  Mark the upright typed another message: 

              "Do you want me to do something?" 

Mark thought and thought. What could he possibly do to make this little puppy's short life better before he died?

"Why don't we send a gift certificate so he can get some new toys," suggested Sue. 

"Great idea!" said Mark.


That very day, Mark and Sue put the gift certificate in the mail for the dying puppy.

Sydney was frustrated.  "Somehow I have to get my uprights to GO GET that puppy," she thought. "Time is running out."

It didn't matter one bit to Sydney that the puppy was hundreds of miles away.