A Thousand Miles Away  

"What are you thinking about Henry?" asked Wiggle, when he came to tuck her in to sleep. He had a far away look in his eyes.

"I was just thinking about friends and how important they are in life," said Henry, who was missing his best friend very much.

"I know I would be in the junk heap if it wasn't for my friends," agreed Wiggle.

"Me too," nodded Henry in agreement.  With that thought, his mind drifted off to farms and woods and a river far away in Tennessee.

"Who would ever junk a beautiful dog?" asked Wiggle in disbelief.

"You would be surprised how many people just leave their pets behind somewhere, or...(his voice cracked)... dump them out at the side of a road."

"Is that what happened to you?" gasped Wiggle.

"My memories are all blurry now," said Henry. "I was so starved and weak when they rescued me.  All I can tell you is that you are the very first vehicle I could ever ride in that I was not afraid they were taking me away to dump me again". 

"The Upright Family would NEVER dump you in a million years," said Wiggle in horror. 

"I know," said Henry, "but something about the sound of the car doors.  It always brings back bad memories."

"But you hop right in to my seats!" smiled Wiggle.

"True," said Henry. "Even with your big noisy diesel engine, I am not afraid of you".

Henry thought back to the long scary nights, and the hot hungry days of being homeless.  The worst part was the bugs he thought. Worse than being hungry.  Then there was the constant wondering why your family never came to find you. Or why they drove away in the first place. And how all the pain and misery didn't matter once your heart was broken. Henry shuddered.  Even though he was now a thousand miles away, there was one far away place, and some special people, that Henry kept close to his heart.