"Right here, this is where she parked.  Have you seen her?"  Misty frantically retraced her steps. 

"This spot is where my upright was," said Misty.

"This spot is where your EX-upright was," corrected Wiggle.

Misty pretended not to hear.

"I used to be special," sighed Misty.  "Now I am no one."

"I am sorry for what you are going through," said Wiggle.  "I saw you the day you and the upright came.  I have seen that look on uprights before.  You were a good dog to her and you couldn't have done any more.  This is not about you, it's about her. You are still special Misty, and you always will be."

Misty looked for clues in every direction while Wiggle tried to talk to her.

"Your owner gave you up because she and her fiancee are getting married and he didn't want a dog.  It wasn't a good decision, but at least she got you here to us.  It's our job to help you find the next pawson who  needs you."

"No one will ever need me again," said Misty. She even looked under the bus to see if there were any clues to where her owner went.

"You haven't slept or eaten for days," said Wiggle.  "Why don't you hop in for a little nap and when you wake up we will figure out the next step."

Misty WAS very tired, and there was something about Wigglebus that made her feel safe.  Besides, if anyone drove up to get her, she would be right here in the driveway and would wake up.

"Thank you Wigglebus, that does sound like a good idea," said Misty.

Misty fluffed up some pillows and curled up into a snoozing ball.  

"Thank you Wiggle, for helping me," she said.

"We are all here to help you Misty," said Wiggle. "I promise you everything will be ok.  Have we talked about everything that is bothering you?"

"There is one other thing," said Misty.  "This Sunday is Easter.  Do you think the Bunny will know how to find me?"

"Oh the Bunny is a good friend of mine," smiled Wiggle.   "I"m sure he knows exactly where you are."