Rescue Angels Connie and Michelle received some big news that they told gently to the puppies. They came in very early and woke the puppies up. "We have something to tell you," they said. "Someone is going to adopt Scruffy today."

"Is it Mark and Sue and Sydney?" Scruffy blurted out.

"That's right," said Connie.  "They will be here this afternoon.  You have to get up early so we can take you to the groomers for a nice bath before you meet your new family."


"Is anyone going to adopt ME?" asked Lady Di, afraid to be left out.

"Yes indeed pretty girl," said Michelle.  "We are adopting you.  We are going to keep you furever."

Scruffy and Di had very big feelings of happiness and sadness all at the same time.  "We're getting 'dopted!" said Lady Di. 

"I'm going with the family that has tickets to the toy store!" said Scruffy.

"You are moving all the way to Connecticut," said Lady Di.

"I will always love you and I will always miss you," said Sir Scruffy softly.  "If it wasn't for you Sis, we would have died by now.

"Sis!  I like the sound of that," said Lady Di.  "From now on, I only want to be called Sissy!"

Rudy, the Doxie gave her a hug.  "I will call you Sissy," he said.  "I'll watch over you when Scruffy is not here."

"Congratulations on your adoption," Rudy said to Scruffy.  "We're all going to really miss you."

"Pawmise me you'll take good care of her," said Scruffy, "and never let her be lonely."

"I pawmise," said Rudy.

"Pawmise me you'll warn the world about what happens in puppy mills," said Sissy, fighting back a tear.

Saying good-bye to Sissy reminded him of saying good-bye to his mother.  He memorized the faces and the smells and the feeling of the enormous kindness and love that he learned here.  He felt more determined than ever to find a way to stop the cruelty of the mills.  "Now I have two pawmises," he thought. 

"I'm really happy for you," Sissy told him.  "But I'm afraid I'll never see you again."

"I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge some day," said Scruffy, "but that better not be for a long, long time. You take care of yourself and stay healthy."

"I'll try," said Sissy watching him leave to get his bath. 

"Only more time that I will see him before he goes."

Connie, Michelle, "Sissy", the Doxies and all the others knew this was the right thing for little Scruffy but saying good-bye was so hard.  

"Follow the rescue dust," Connie whispered.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow," sighed Michelle. "Love and let go."