Wiggle was right as usual. 

The last day of Chanukah was Hank's last day with his rescue family. 

That morning, Henry told Hank that his new upright was driving 400 miles to come and adopt him. 

"Your last chanukah candle will be lit with your new family," Henry told him, trying not to sound too sad.

On the one paw, it was the most exciting day of a rescue pup's life, the day you meet your furever family.

On the other paw, it is so difficult to say goodbye to a family that has taken you in at your lowest point in life and given you a second chance.

After they said goodbye to the tearful uprights, everyone jumped in to the WiggleBus to drive Hank to the pawphanage to be adopted..
Hank took a deep breath, remembering all that Henry told him.

"Somewhere out there, my rescue angel is driving right now to come get me," thought Hank in awe.

With his menorah and leash packed on board, Hank mustered up his courage and told Wiggle that he was ready to leave.

"Thank you Wiggle, for taking me to my new family" said Hank.  "And thank you for the beautiful menorah.  I will think of all of you every year at Chanukah!"

"You'd better think of us more than once a year," laughed Cricket.

"You guys have been so wonderful to me," said Hank.  "I am going to miss everyone so much!"


"We got you a toy bus for a Happy Rescue present, Hank." Molly Malone said.  "You can snuggle it any time you are scared and it will remind you of us."
"Scared?" said Hank.  "You mean like right now?"

Hank held the little stuffed bus tightly.  He was scared, but he was excited too.

"I hate good-byes," Hank admitted.  "This part is so hard."

Part of Hank could hardly wait to get there, and so the Wigglebus seemed to be moving very slowly.

Part of Hank was dreading saying goodbye to his friends, and so it seemed like the Wigglebus arrived before he knew it.

"We are here everyone," said Wiggle.  "It's time for Hank meet his new pawson."

Cricket and Molly Malone tried not to cry.

Henry and Patrick had big lumps in their throats.

Wiggle couldn't help crying.  She didn't even try to stop it.

"Good-bye Hank, we love you," everyone said.

"Good-bye everyone," said Hank, fighting back the tears.

"Not good-bye Hank, shalom..." smiled Wiggle, 
"until we meet again."