"Follow the rescue dust," thought Mrs. Robin.  "But where is the rescue dust?"

"The world is full of rescue dust...listen with your heart," she remembered Mrs. Spider saying.

When Mrs. Robin stopped looking, and started to listen, she was captivated by the sound of far away bells.  Naturally, she followed their music.

From the safety of a high perch, Mrs. Robin looked for the source of the ringing. "Seven bells!" she exclaimed. 

The other birds sensed the guest in their midst. 

"Those are not just bells," tweeted the other birds. "Those are a rescue signal to the angels at the sanctuary."

"What is making them ring?" asked Mrs. Robin.

"Rescue Dust," sang the other birds in unison.  If we all take turns  diving into them, the rescue angels will know that someone is in trouble."

"How did you know?" asked Mrs. Robin.

"A little birdie told us!" they giggled.


Mrs. Robin looked toward the clearing in the forest. 

"What are all the pretty colors over there?" she asked. 

"That is the sanctuary," the other birds replied. "It is a heavenly place for senior dogs, special need dogs and dogs that don't have much time to live." 

Mrs. Robin noticed that the bells were hanging from a circle woven with colorful beads.

"What is that web the bells are hanging from?" asked Mrs. Robin.  "It looks like a spider web I once saw."

"It is like a dream catcher," replied the forest birds.  "It catches rescue dust.  It catches caring and concern for those who cannot help themselves.  It matches them up with those who can make a difference."

"Is it part of the rescue web?" asked Mrs. Robin.

"Indeed," said the forest birds. "Just look at all those elderly dogs and special needs pups in their own little piece of heaven."

Mrs. Robin looked down to see happy dogs with comfortable beds, fresh clean water, and all the food they wanted.  The dogs even had their own swimming pool!

"It does look like heaven!" said Mrs. Robin.

"Almost," smiled the forest birds.  "It's Heaven's Waiting Room!  Go ahead and visit them!" 

Mrs. Robin flew down and introduced herself to the wise old dogs.

"Do you have a dying dog?" they asked Mrs. Robin.

"I know of some," said the robin sadly.  "They sure would like to be in a beautiful place like this."

"Our rescue angels heard your call," said the senior dogs.  "They have gone to get the little prisoners.  We know for sure they will be loved and respected here in Heaven's Waiting Room until it's time for them to die."