Here Comes Santa Claus  

"Stop here please Wiggle!" said Colonel Kramer with pawthority. 

He quickly threw off his disguise, and barked some orders to the ground crew through his secret collar. 

"Rudolph has landed, standby for take off in fifteen minutes. Zulu -5. Over."  (This was pawforce talk to tell the others what time zone Santa was currently in).

"Glad to see you old friend!   You had us a bit worried." Colonel Kramer told Santa.

"HO! HO! HO!" Smiled Santa. 
"I knew I would be safe if you were on pawtrol Kramer!" 

"The fog and the storm made the reindeer unable to sense direction.  I'm afraid we made a rather sloppy landing," admitted Santa.

"I followed the sound of the barking, and here I am!"

"The Scratch, Sniff and Search Crew have located your sleigh," said Colonel Kramer. "It appears that the reindeer have found their way to Mrs. Doherty's for cookies and cocoa!" 

"Stacia Doherty?" smiled Santa.  "She makes the best cookies and cocoa in the world.  Those rascals!  They can't find their way through the fog, but they know how to find her place! Ho! Ho! Ho!" he laughed, hoping that the reindeer would bring some back for him too.

"Yes sir!" said Colonel Kramer.  "I must get back to the command center.  If you take off in the next fifteen minutes, you can still complete this time zone on schedule.  The ground crew will get you launched."

"You run a tight ship, Colonel," smiled Santa. 

"Merry Christmas all," said Colonel Kramer, as he hurried back to the Paw Force Base.

"I have to thank you my friends," said Santa sincerely. 

"The reindeer left so quickly for Mrs. Doherty's, they didn't realize the sleigh had come unhitched.  I couldn't keep up with them in the storm with all these presents."

"In fact, I'm wondering if they really got lost, or if they wanted those cookies all along! Ho! Ho! Ho!"

"Do you think reindeer are that smart?" winked Santa.

The sheepies giggled.  The terriers giggled.  Wiggle winked back at Santa. She was so happy to see him safe and sound.

"Can I tell you a secret?" whispered Patrick.

"Of course, Mr. Patrick O'Malley," said Santa, (who remembered EVERYONE's name). "The GOOD kind of secret, I hope!"

"Lean your ear this way!" said Patrick whispering in Santa's ear.  "We didn't do anything at all.  It was Kramer's idea.  We just helped!"

"We have a secret too," said the girls. "We LOVE YOU!"

"Ho! Ho! Ho! That's no secret," said Santa.  "I can tell by how much you helped me tonight, and by how patient you were with me when I couldn't be there the day you got your Christmas tree!"

"You knew about that?" said the girls with surprise.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" said Santa.  "I know when you've been bad OR good, and of course, you are all VERY good!"

The dogs wiggled their butts with happiness. They finally got to see Santa!

"Henry, I cannot thank you enough for everything," said Santa, giving Henry a little box of cookies to share on their ride home. 

"Thank you Wiggle, thanks everyone! 
I'll be by when you're sleeping!" 

Then Santa hurried off with the opawratives to prepare for take off.