Michael returned the next day just as he promised Wigglebus he would. He disconnected her power again so that she would not worry about the surgery that would remove her rust.

It was a critical procedure because, without it, Wiggle could not pass inspection and would never be allowed to drive again.

The sheepies were also under strict orders to stay inside, away from the driveway "operating room".  Michael knew it would be upsetting for them to see Wigglebus in surgery. As he worked away, the only sound that could be heard was the reciprico saw buzzing away Wiggle's bad spots. 
Everywhere the offending rust bubbled away at Wiggle's frame, Michael sawed it off, treated the damage, and custom fit replacement metal.
He riveted the new pieces together like a giant puzzle, taking special care over the curves of the wheel well. 

Patrick had worked as many overtime shifts as he could to help  pay for the Rustectomy.  Henry worked extra details with the Stop Light to bring in money.  Cricket and Molly saved everything they could, and were ever so careful to buy everything on sale. 

Michael knew how hard the sheepies worked to help their beloved bus.  Michael gave Wigglebus his best effort to repair the rescue bus using a combination of technical knowledge and good old fashioned hard work. 
It was dark when Michael finished repairing Wiggle's rust.  He kept his promise to her and worked until she was as good as new.  With only a flashlight to finish his work, he gently put a coat of paint over her gray primer. Michael knew only too well that busses do not like their gray showing. 

"When you wake up tomorrow Wigglebus, you will not believe how beautiful you are!"

Careful not to wake his sleeping patient, Michael, the Mobile Mechanic, a.k.a. "Bus Doctor" quietly put his tools away.  He left a note for Henry on the driver's seat that read: WIGGLE IS READY FOR HER STICKER!  GOOD LUCK!  Then he quietly drove away.