"Wake up Wiggle, wake up.  Today is the day, it's time..."

Wiggle tried to focus her eyes.  The sun was beaming down, the birds were chirping, and roses were blooming in front of her.  

The tiny voice continued.  "Wake up Wiggle. You are all fixed.  Today is the day you must help Patrick and Cricket get their puppy!"

"I will be moving my rescue web, but I wanted to say Good luck!"

The Itsy Spider had been Wiggle's constant companion while she waited for all her repairs.

"Is my rust gone?" asked Wiggle.

"Every bit!" said Itsy.  "And you have a new muffler, and new glow  plugs and even new power steering.  Your next journey is today. The sheepies don't even know it, but any minute they will get the call."

"Thank you Itsy Spider, for everything," said Wiggle. "You have been a wonderful friend.  I can't believe I will be here to help with the puppy!"
Just as Itsy Rescue Spider predicted, Grannie Annie was on the phone with Henry.

"Is Wigglebus fixed?" she asked in a hurry.

"I am getting her sticker this morning," said Henry.

"Good!" said Grannie Annie. "I need you to pick up a puppy in CT who must go to  Boston to see a specialist.  He'll need a place to stay while the doctors decide if they can do anything.  I must warn you, this is a difficult rescue trip, because this puppy probably doesn't  have long to live."

Henry told the others to come quickly.  

"Wigglebus Adventure!" he called out.  These were the magic words that let the others know something exciting was about to take place.

"C'mon! Hurry! After we get Wiggle's sticker, we are going on a rescue mission!"

"Welcome Back Wiggle! We sure missed you!" said Patrick.
"Are we going to Missouri?" asked Cricket.  "That's a long way away.  That's where our puppy is!  Should I pack a suitcase? Oh we missed you so much Wiggle."
Molly didn't have the heart to tell Cricket that the Missouri puppy was adopted. Although she had carefully read every update on the puppy, she did not want to upset Cricket with any bad news.  At this point she really had no choice but to tell her.   "I think that puppy already has a home," she said as she hopped in, "I think the poor dying puppy went to Connecticut."
"Connecticut?" smiled Wiggle with her magical twinkle. "That's a coincidence.  We are going right now to pick up a dying puppy in Connecticut, right Henry?"

"That's right Wiggle," Henry replied.  "Just as soon as we make you legal."

"Yeah," said Patrick smiling. "This is how we roll!"