Wigglebus sailed through her inspection, thanks to all her new improvements.  She proudly wore her new sticker, relieved to have the hideous rejection sticker scraped away.
Wiggle admired herself in the inspection station mirror.  "I AM much prettier now," she thought, trying to forget the traumatic episode of the Big Red 'R'.

"Enough about me," she said, sensing everyone was in a hurry.
"Tell me about the puppy we are getting," she said, warming her new glow plugs up.

Henry told everyone about Grannie Annie's call.  "The puppy is 120 miles away.  He was dying in a puppy mill in Missouri when he was rec----"

"Missouri?" asked Cricket.  "Is this OUR puppy?"

Patrick looked at Cricket, and then at Henry. He could tell by the twinkle in Henry's eyes that this WAS the puppy they had been trying to adopt.  

"Our puppy? The best puppy in the world?  He's in Connecticut?" gasped Patrick. 

"The vet there said he is very ill," continued Henry. "They are not sure if anything can be done for him at all."

"I can't believe it," gasped Molly.  "Connecticut is only a little over 2 hours away."

"Remember," said Henry.  "This is a very sick puppy.  Getting to the Boston Hospital is his last chance to survive.  This is a very impawtant mission."

"Then we will take him to the hopsital tonite!" declared Cricket.

"Grannie Annie said he is to be there first thing in the morning.  It's our job to take care of him and to get him there," said Henry. "He has an appointment with Dr. Laste-Chance."

A shiver went down Patrick's spine.  
"Dr. Laste-Chance?  It sounds serious."

"It is serious," said Henry. 

"Grannie Annie will meet us at the hospital.  Are you up for it Wiggle?" Henry asked.

Wiggle revved her strong diesel engine.

"We're on our way!" she smiled.

"We have to be pawsitive," said Molly.  "He's only a baby."

"Patrick, this is OUR puppy.  I just know it.  It's meant to be.  You know what that makes us?  Pawrents!" said Cricket.  

Wiggle tried to calm the anxious sheepies down.  "Remember, he is very sick."

Patrick looked at Wiggle.  "You know what this makes you?" he asked.  "The Rescue Stork!"