Rescue Angels  

Try as Henry might to win Ingrid's heart, she started to tell him that he had better leave soon.  Ingrid was getting attached to Henry too and she knew they would have to say good-bye.

Henry was devastated by this news.  The first Upright he had ever trusted and now he was to be sent away.  He ran inside to ask Dallas what had gone wrong. 

"Why doesn't  she want me?" Henry cried.  "I have been so good.  I have had a bath... I have followed her everywhere and melted her with my big eyes.  What have I done wrong?"

Dallas had been dreading this day.  Not only did he feel sorry for Henry who had to leave for an unknown place, but he was sorry for himself too.  Dallas had really loved Henry and shared all his toys with him.  It was not going to be the same without him.  But Dallas also understood Ingrid's heart.  She was a Rescue Angel.  And Rescue Angels had their hearts broken many times.  Dallas knew that Rescue Angels were always busy helping dogs like Henry.  The sad truth was that there were too many dogs that needed help.  As soon as Henry left, someone else would show up starving and unloved.  Rescue Angels never rest, he thought.

Still, Henry was so young and didn't understand why he could not stay with his new friends who had been so kind.  Dallas tried to find a way to explain it to him but Henry couldn't listen very well because he was so upset.

Dallas sat up on his bed and tried to comfort Henry.  "All dogs have an important mission in life," said Dallas.  "Your mission is just beginning.  You will go to your next destination and find Uprights and Animals that need you."

"How will I know what to do?" sniffled Henry, wondering how Dallas knew so much about so many things.

"Follow your heart," Dallas said.  "And always look for the Rescue Dust.  It will show you the way."

"Dust?" questioned Henry.  The idea made him want to sneeze.

"Not sneezy dust," explained Dallas. "Rescue Dust is like a magic dust.  You will feel it when seemingly impawsible things happen.  You will know that there are Rescue Angels watching over you and guiding you."

"Why don't the Rescue Angels save ALL dogs in trouble?" Henry asked. 
A cloud of sadness passed over Dallas's face as he told Henry, "There are simply not enough Uprights who know or understand that we need each other."

"Then I will TELL them!" said Henry, knowing it was probably not that simple.

"It's too late for most Uprights," said Dallas sadly. "The only hope is the children.  Upright Puppies.  If you can tell them, they will grow up and change it."

Henry hopped up on the bed with Dallas.  He wanted to remember all that he was learning, but he yawned and put his head on the pillow. 

"Upright Puppies," was the last thought he had before he fell fast asleep.