ReFURences Available uPAWn Request  


Poor Patrick.  Nothing in his life was going the way that it happens in the movies. He imagined when he pawposed to Cricket that she would say "YES!" and they would run out and make their happy announcement.
Cricket was very sweet to him, and she was even very happy that he wanted to get married.  But she wasn't too sure they were both ready. 

Cricket thought that it might help if Patrick got a job first.    That way he could learn some respawnsibility and he could earn some money too.

"Being married doesn't only mean going out on fun dates," she had said to him.

Patrick was disappointed, but he wasn't discouraged.  He said he would jump through hoops to marry Cricket, and this sure looked like his first hoop. 

Patrick went to Mr. Remington for help. 


"You'll need a Pawfessional Resume," said Mr. Remington.  "Something that explains who you are, and why someone should hire you."

Mr. Remington looked proud and experienced when he added the next part, "And of course, it should be typed!"

"Will you help me?" Patrick asked, feeling bewildered about learning all this grown-up stuff.

"I'd be delighted," smiled Mr. Remington.  "Let's get started right away!"

Patrick told Mr. Remington everything he could think of that would help in his search to find a job. 
The strike of each typewriter key made Patrick feel like he was really doing something to show Cricket he WAS respawnsible.

When Mr. Remington was finished clicking and clacking, a very impressive resume popped out with a final DING of the typewriter bell.  Patrick looked at it and smiled.  Something about seeing his name typed at the very top of the paper made him feel pretty impawtant. As he looked over all his accomplishments he thought it would be pretty easy to find a job.