All puppies are cute," said Wiggle.  "And they are expensive too.  Are you sure this is the right time to adopt in the middle of the eco-no-money?"

"The best things in life are free," pronounced Patrick.  

"Raising a puppy is not even close to free," said Wiggle. 

"The President said we could use a little less, and share with those less fortunate than we are.  If we all pitch in, I'm sure we can help a little puppy with no place to go," Cricket explained. 


Wiggle came to a stop at the signal and the gang played their favorite red light game.

"1-2-3-Red Light!" called Molly.

"Stop!" called Cricket.

"Stop what?" asked Patrick.

"Stop PUPPY MILLS!" said Henry.


"1-2-3-Green light!" called Molly.

"Go!" called Cricket.

"Go where?" asked Patrick, playing along.

"Go with ADOPTION!" said Henry.

"Right!" said Wigglebus.  "And it sounds like you ARE going with adoption! It sounds like you have thought this whole thing out.  Now you just have to find the right puppy.  Have you asked Grannie Annie?"

"We wanted to tell you first, Wiggle.  We will ask Grannie Annie if she has any puppies in the pawphanage, and Molly is going to help us search the internet," said Patrick. 

"I'm sure it will be a boy. And I'm sure it will be named after me," he announced.

Cricket and Molly winked at each other, but did not say a word.

"I know who we should talk to before you pick out names, Mr. O'Malley," laughed Wiggle.