"I'm going on the Wigglebus!" cried little Scruffy McDuff.  "I'm going to Boston to find the Rescue Dust!"

Mark followed the curious puppy closely.  "Be careful! Wait until the bus is stopped before you go near it," he cautioned. 

Mark and Sue knew that the little fuzzball had one chance at treatment for the disease that was killing him.  They put on their "happy voices" so Scruffy would not be afraid.


Little Scruffy McDuff tippy-pawed to the Wigglebus.  
"Are you my new family?" he asked. 

"We would love to be your family," said Cricket, "if you would be our puppy."
"Well, I'm dying you know," said Scruffy.  "So you'll have to be brave to adopt me. Sometimes I can't breathe.  And I cough a lot.  And I like stories.  Will you read me stories?"

"We would love to read you stories," said Patrick O'Malley.  "And when you feel better, we can play ball."

While Scruffy met the Wigglebus crew, Mark and Sue and Sydney whispered the Rescue Angel's prayer that this journey would save his life.  

"He's come so far," thought Sue.

"He's a brave little guy," thought Mark.

"I just know he can do it," thought Sydney.

"We pray you'll find your health,
That you'll grow big and strong,
And find love all around, 
and that your life is long.

Let this be our prayer,
As you go your way,
Leaving for a place,
that you will be safe,
and happiness will find you there.

It's hard to say goodbye,
but we know that it's best,
We'll think of you each day,
and each time the sun sets.

And when the stars at night,
twinkle up above,
look up to the skies,
with your shaggy eyes
know that you are always loved.

Look up to the skies,
with your shaggy eyes,
know that you are always loved..." 

"We love you little guy," said Mark.  "Promise us you'll be brave, and do what the doctors tell you.  Call us and tell us how you are!"

"I pawmise," said Scruffy, "Thank you for helping to save my life.  I wuv you!"