Sydney had accurately determined that the fastest way to get the dying puppy would be on an airplane.  She had opened the Rescue Updates on Mark's lap at every opawtunity and she did not stop whimpering until they were on the airplane to get him.  While Sir Scruffy McDuff was getting groomed, Mark and Sue and Sydney were finishing their long journey to reach him.

When their plane landed, they rented a car and drove from the airport to the sanctuary. They spent a few hours meeting Connie and Michelle and all their special needs pups.
Before they left, Mark took Scruffy and Sydney for a walk.  Little Scruffy McDuff looked even tinier next to Sydney, who was a healthy grown up sheepie.  

"Thank you for sending me the ticket to the toy store," said Scruffy.

"You are most welcome," said Mark.

"Can I bring my new toys on the airplane?" asked the pup.

"You are not really healthy enough to fly on the airplane," said Mark. "We are going to drive you home and you will be able to fit all your new things in the car."

When the time came to say good-bye to everyone, Scruffy kissed Sissy one last time.  He kissed Connie and Michelle, and waved to all the others.  "Thank you for everything!  I love you!" he said.

There was not a dry eye when the car door closed, as Scruffy waved to everyone.  
He snuggled up with all his toys, his blankie and the gifts Connie and Michelle packed so lovingly for him. 

Scruffy was only four months old, and he had already said good-bye to so many friends.

"Be a good puppy," they told him.  "And follow the rescue dust!"

"Take care of Sissy for me," he said.  "I love you Sissy!"

As Mark started the car, Scruffy took one last look at everyone who saved his life.  "I'm going to make you proud of me!" he said.  "I do not know a word that is a big enough thank you for all you have done."
As the pawtomobile pulled away from the sanctuary, Scruffy curled up and fell asleep full of love and hope, and yet, so sad to say good-bye.    
Sissy watched them drive away until they were no longer in view.  "I love you too, Scruffy.  Remember to tell the world what happened to us.  I miss you already," she whispered as she watched Scruffy leave on the Underground Railroad..