The vet technicians took the sick puppy in right away.

"Let's weigh you, and get you registered," they said, putting him on a walk-on scale. 

"What a good puppy you are! What is your name?"

Scruffy shot an urgent glance at his new pawrents.  Now was the time for him to change his name, before his medical record was even written.  "Please, please, please," he hoped.  "I want a NEW name.  A name no one else has."

Neither Patrick or Cricket had even remembered their little puppy's request because they had been so worried about his health.  Cricket saw the pleading in his eyes, and blurted out the first thing she could think of.

"PJ.  His name is PJ," she said.

"PJ?" asked Patrick with surprise.

"Ah," said Patrick with approval.  "PJ means Patrick Jr. I've always wanted a Patrick Junior."

"Last name?"asked the vet tech.

Before his pawrents had a chance to answer, the puppy announced that his last name was 'Wigglebee'.

"PJ Wigglebee!" he laughed. "That is my new name.  Wait 'til I tell Sissy!"

PJ looked at Mommy Cricket and smiled. "PJ is for Pajamas," he whispered.  "Because I am the Pajama Prince."

"What does Wigglebee mean?" asked Mommy Cricket. 

"Wiggle is for Wigglebus who helped me get here," announced the puppy.

"And the bee?" asked Patrick.

"The birds and the bees that found me," said PJ.

"Alright then, Mr. PJ Wigglebee," said the vet tech. "There is someone waiting to meet you in the sitting area. Come with me."

PJ smiled to hear his new name. 

"It's real!  Now my name is PJ. I have a whole new start in life. If only the doctor can find a way to help me." he thought. 

"Come on, PJ," said the vet tech.  "Don't you want to see your visitor?"


PJ pranced to the sitting area.  The other sheepies grinned ear to shaggy ear to see who was waiting for him. 

"PJ," said Mommy Cricket. "This is Grannie Annie.  She is one of your biggest rescue angels." 

PJ  wiggled his butt.  He went right up to Grannie Annie and gave her a giant kiss.  "Pleased to meet you Grannie Annie! I'm going to make you so proud of me!" he said, trying not to cough. "I am trying to stay alive, but I'm dying you know."

"Oh aren't you just the dickens!" said Grannie Annie.

"Do you know any stories?" asked PJ. 

"I know something better than a story," said Grannie Annie.

She had helped so many sick dogs, she knew exactly how to keep PJ's mind off his troubles.

"Let me see how smart you are!" she said, holding a piece of cookie in her hand.


PJ sat down immediatley.  "Mmmmm, I like this game," he thought. 

While Grannie Annie taught PJ some obedience, Cricket and Patrick caught her up on how their little puppy was doing.

Before long, the vet tech came back out.  "The doctor will see you now PJ."