"I love how much you spoil me," she smiled, "but don't you think we should start saving up so we can have puppies?"

"It would be nice to hear the pitter patter of little paws,"agreed Patrick. "With only four of us here, it is much too quiet.."

"Speaking of quiet,"said Cricket, "Have you noticed that the birds have stopped singing in the Gumdrop Tree? They have not made a peep."

Before Patrick had a chance to notice, Mr. Robin swooped down to them.

"Shhhhhh," he said,"the babies are hatching!"

"You mean?" said Cricket?
"Yes," said Mr. Robin proudly. "Any minute now I am going to be a father."

Patrick and Cricket tried to peek at the tiny nursery in the Gumdrop Tree, but they could only see a softly padded nest.


"Congratulations!" Said Patrick, "Why are you whispering?"

"It's a father's job to protect his young," said Mr. Robin, in an important sounding way.

"If we sing and make too much noise cats or squirrels might try to steal our eggs.."

"We each have an important job.  Right now, I am out here getting food so Mrs. Robin can protect them.  Then I'll take a turn minding the eggs, turning them several times each day, so she can get a rest and get some food herself. Before they can fly, Mrs. Robin will do most of the work feeding them, while I hunt the food.  When they begin to fly it will be my job to protect them on the ground."
Patrick admired Mr. Robin's dedication to his family.  Patrick thought that he and Cricket would make great parents too. He knew they would protect their puppy from all harm.

"I know your babies will be beautiful,"said Cricket.
"Congratulations again!"

Mr. Robin flew up to the nest with some food for the mom-to-be.


Patrick watched the Robin Family in the Gumdrop Tree. "That is the stuffing from Guinney's bus seat," said Patrick proudly.  "She would be so pleased to see the little ones safe and warm in it."

Cricket listenned thoughtfully.  She held her beautiful Claddapaw necklace and wondered out loud: "How are we going to have puppies?"

"Easy," said Patrick. "Remember? We are going to adopt!"

"Yes, but how will we know which puppy to adopt?" asked Cricket.

"Easy," said Patrick with certainty. "We will adopt the best puppy in the world!"