All Paws On Deck  

The gang reached McDoggle's at warp speed, jumped into some uniforms and got right to work. 

Cricket took the money from the customers at the front register and punched in their orders so the cook would know what to prepare.

"Welcome to McDoggle's, would you like to try a Puppy Meal today?" she sweetly asked each customer.

Henry filled the drink cups with ice, and soda then checked the taste with a big slurp of each cup before he snapped the plastic lids on the tops.

"This is kind of fun!" thought Henry, as the fizzy drinks started to give him the hiccups.

Patrick worked at the drive-thru window and handed yummy smelling bags of food to the cars and trucks that drove up.  Any time a loose french fry escaped, he scooped it up with his tongue so no one would see it.
Molly worked in the kitchen, wrapping the burgers that the manager cooked.  She took special care to make sure the burgers were just right.  If she got an order to "hold the pickles" she licked the pickles right off.  Or if it said, "no ketchup" she licked the ketchup off. 
"So this is how they customize the orders," thought Molly, gobbling up anything that didn't look pawfect.