I Love A Pawrade  

Wiggle and her crew wasted no time getting to the search pawrade.  

They stopped to pick up Colonel Kramer, exactly on time, exactly where he said. 

Henry and the others tried hard not to giggle when they saw the Colonel in his disguise.  Then again, they all looked pretty silly.

"It's for the cause," said Kramer, as if he knew what they were thinking.

"It's for the CLAUS!" said Molly Malone.

"Listen up now everyone, I want you to make the most noise that you can.  Sing carols.  Bark your heads off. Stay on the lookout. We will comb this city until Santa is found!  Above all, look HAPPY!"

"These light up collars will allow the CIA to communicate with us," said Kramer, handing the secret collars to the others.

"The CIA?" asked Patrick.

"Yes," said Kramer.  "Canine Intelligence Agency.  Our opawratives are walking along the pawrade route.  They are dressed up as reindeer, and other characters. 

"We saw that reindeer helper when we got our tree!" said Patrick.

"That's right," said the Colonel. "They are all secret santa helpers. If you see anything of interest, signal one of them by talking in to your collar."

"I'm on the lookout for Santa," said Cricket, concentrating hard.
The search pawrade began.  Hundreds of rescue vehicles lined the streets.  Sirens blared and horns honked.

Wiggle took her place in the line, determined to help.

Uprights and their dogs, all shapes and sizes, came out to see the pawrade.  Little did they know that all the lights and noise were really helping find Santa!