"Can we leave the windows down?" asked Scruffy.  "I have never smelled Boston before."

"If you like," smiled Wiggle. 

"Let's sing a song," said Molly.  "How about the sheep come running home?"

"The sheep come running home again, 
bark, woof, bark, woof. 

The sheep come running home again.
bark, woof, bark woof.

The sheep come home cause sheepies rule 
and we're too smart for them to fool 

so they'll all be back when 
the sheepies herd them  home."

When they arrived in Boston, Cricket watched Scruffy stare at everything.  "There it is Little Prince, there is your hospital. Here is where your angels work."

The sheepies saw many dogs and cats going in and out to visit their vet.

Scruffy thought quietly to himself, "I wish my mother could have come to a place like this."

When it was time to go in, Scruffy got a bad case of the jitters.  
"Mommy Cricket," he squeaked. "I'm really scared."

"Don't be afraid of the doctor," smiled Cricket.  "They are here to help you."

"I'm not afraid of the doctors," said the puppy.  "I'm afraid if they can't help me."

"You do everything the doctor tells you," said Cricket.  "We'll do everything we can.  It's our best chance."

Scruffy followed Mommy Cricket and bravely put one paw in front of the other.  He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass door and froze.

"This is it," he thought, but he couldn't take another step.
Patrick wanted to help his new son. 

He whispered to Henry, "I'll lead by example, but you help him go."

Henry smiled.  "We'll herd the little patient right in the door, no pawblem.

The automatic door slid open for Patrick and he stepped in to the foyer with confidence to show his son how.  Henry took the oppawtunity to distract the puppy.  "Look at the automatic doors!" he said.

As the door slid open once again, Henry herded the puppy right behind his dad.