PAWceed With Caution  

Did you see  that doggie at the rescue?
The one with the very sad tale
I sure wish that doggie at the rescue
had never been put up for sale.

Henry pawsed to tell Wiggle more about his observations of Uprights and traffic lights.

"In order to get their "Upright Good Citizen Award", also known as a license, Uprights have to learn to obey the lights!"

"Do you realize what this means?" he asked Wiggle.
"All I need to train them are traffic lights.  You have to learn to speak their language."

"So that is your big plan with the traffic lights?" smiled Wiggle.

"This HAS to be the secret to teach them to help animals that need them", said Henry.

When they see the Red Light, they should STOP!
"Stop what?" asked Wiggle.


"Stop Puppy Mills,"said Henry.

"I don't know what a puppy mill is" said Wiggle.

Henry looked very sad and stared at the ground, not knowing if Wiggle could handle knowing what a puppy mill was.

"Let's just say it is a place too terrible to talk about.  It's like a jail where dogs are kept to have puppies that are sold to malls and on the internet and other places where people cannot see the horrible conditions they come from." said Henry. 

"But the puppies are so cute in the mall", said Wiggle.

"Yes, they ARE cute," said Henry. "That is what the puppy millers want you to see.  They are so irresistible that people do not think, and so they end up giving their money to bad people who turn around and make more puppies, and keep selling them on and on".

"Why is that a bad thing if the people love the puppies?"  asked Wiggle.  "Isn't it a GOOD thing to get them out of there?"

"Well, there are a few problems," said Henry.  "The more people that buy them, the more they breed, and the more that end up homeless.  These puppies might not be healthy.  As cute as they are, if they haven't been carefully bred, they can have terrible problems walking and seeing, and hearing when they get bigger.  This is sad for everyone that loves them.  Especially the puppy".

"Then, there is the fact that anyone can just come in and "buy" them.  Many people do not think before they get a dog.  Lots of them aren't even allowed to have a dog where they live.   These dogs end up abandoned or homeless or turned into rescue.  This of course breaks a good dog's heart," sighed Henry.

"And then, when people do not give their dog the care they need, even more puppies are born, and more and more animals are put into the world without the homes they need.  Thousands of wonderful animals have to be put to sleep every year because no one wants them anymore."

"What can we do about this horrible thing?" cried Wiggle, who was sick to her carburetor thinking of animals dying every day because of the way they are sold or bred.

"PAWceed with caution when you add a new furry member to your family.  Be careful that your money doesn't go to greedy people who will just breed MORE animals without making certain they are healthy and have good homes.  Learn about the type of dog that best fits your family before getting one.  Somewhere out there is the pawfect pet who needs a home."

"Pawceed with caution", repeated Wiggle. "Think Adoption!"

"Yes", Henry continued, "GO through Rescue.  If there is a special breed you like there will be  a rescue that is there to help those homeless animals.  And many rescues work with ALL dogs that are homeless.  Rescue is a great place to learn if a pawticular breed is right for your family."
"If I can teach the uprights to obey the lights, we can solve this problem," explained Henry.

"But the Uprights already think they know what those lights mean," said Wiggle cautiously.

"Then we will have to start by training the Upright Puppies," Henry said, remembering what Dallas told him. "We will train them to STOP puppy mills, to PAWCEED WITH CAUTION, and to GO through rescue!


"But you know much more about Upright Puppies than I do," Henry admitted to Wiggle,  "will you help?"

"Count me in!" smiled Wiggle.  She knew the children and the animals could really help each other.