Birthday Crunch Surpirse  

It was four o'clock in the morning.  Cricket had tossed and turned all night.  She was so excited about her plans for Patrick's birthday that she wasn't able to sleep.

"My wish is coming true!" she smiled.  "I have the pawfect plan for Patrick's day.  There is so much to do, I guess I'll get up early," she decided.


"The first thing I'll need to do is baked a cake," she thought.  "How hard can that be? Just open the mix and follow the directions..."
"Mix contents.  I guess I need a bowl." 

Cricket decided to make her cake MUCH more special than the flavor in the box.  Next she added all the hot cocoa mix she could find. 

"Crack the eggs... I wonder if you are supposed to take the shells out or leave them in?  I think I'll leave them in for  crunch.  Besides, they're a good source of  calcium!" she decided.
Cricket added some giant butcher bones and some dog biscuits to the mix. 

"No recipe is complete without the love!" she thought, as she blew a kiss into the cake mix for Patrick.

"Top with a ripe banana and bake," she laughed.

"I think this is an award winning recipe!" thought Cricket proudly as she placed it, bowl and all, into the oven.

"I will call it "Birthday Crunch Surprise!  And wait until  Patrick sees the surprise that Wiggle has helped me to plan!"

Cricket could hardly wait.