A Golden opPAWtunity  

Patrick crossed the street to McDoggle's, as the snow came down faster and faster.  It made a crunching sound as he walked on it, while little balls of ice stuck to the fur between his pads.

"Only two more places on my list," thought Patrick, reminding himself not to drool at the smell of the burgers and fries.

Never again would he think that finding a job was easy. 


When Patrick got inside, there was a long line of people that had come in from the storm, but no one seemed to be working there.

He overheard someone grumbling that the afternoon shift couldn't make it to work through the snow.

Patrick went around back and asked if there was anything he could do to help.

"Grab a uniform out back," said the manager.  "Do you have any friends who can get here in the snow?  We'll need you and three others if we are going to stay open today." 


Patrick quickly changed into a uniform, and hurried to the phone to call the others.

"How fast can you get here?" he asked.

"Wiggle is pretty snowed in," answered Henry.

"Then RUN!" said Patrick.  "The people are all lined up waiting for food and the manager has no help.  HURRY!  This is a golden oppawtunity!"

"We'll be there as fast as we can," said Henry.