No One Understands!  

"STOP!" said Henry in a stern voice.

"It's ok Henry," said Patrick.  "It didn't hurt.  He's just a puppy!"

"It doesn't matter HOW old you are Hank, biting and fighting is NOT ok!  Now come with me,  there is someone outside who wants to talk with you."

Henry's no-nonsense approach caught Hank's attention.

"Someone wants to see me?" said Hank, who never had anyone want to see him before.

"Wiggle wants to see you right now," said Henry in a serious tone.

"Who is Wiggle?" asked Hank nervously.

"Get in the bus," said Henry.  "You'll see."

Horrible Hank got in the bus and the door closed behind him.  There was no one inside at all.

"So who is Wiggle?" he asked himself, trying to get his tough voice back.

The diesel engine started up, and without any driver that Hank could see, the bus began to drive.

"Get me out of here!" cried Hank.  "This bus is HAUNTED!"

"You don't seem very tough to me," he heard a voice say.

"I'm not tough at all, your ghostliness.  Please stop, I want to get out!"

"Sit down, Mr. Hank.  You and I are going to have a little talk," said the voice.

"How old are you Hank?" the voice asked.

"I'm ten months old," replied Hank meekly.

"Why you are just a puppy!" said the voice.  "Why are you being so mean to the others?  Didn't your mother teach you any manners?"

At the thought of his mother, a very sad expression crossed Hank's face.

"I didn't get to know her very long," said Hank, hiding his head so no one would see him cry. 

"I'm sorry," said the voice. "Did she pass away?" 

"Not that I know of," sighed Hank.  "She is a prisoner in a puppy mill.  That's where I was born.  They took me away from her when I was only a few weeks old to sell me in a pet store.  She didn't have time to teach me anything.  I didn't get to learn how to get along with my brothers and sisters.  I barely got a chance to know her."

"Didn't your new family love you?" asked the voice.

"They said I am a bad dog and that I should be put to sleep," Hank told the voice.

"They were always yelling at me, and when I didn't understand what to do, they started to hit me!  No one loves me.  No one wants me.  I got dropped off without my bed or my toys, not even my leash or my bowl.  They just dropped me off and never looked back."  Hank was getting so upset that he felt like he wanted to bite someone.

"No one could ever understand what it feels like when your very own family wants you put to sleep!"